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Our participants live in countries outside of Europe. Their culture is different, and many things will be new for them.

They need someone by their side during the internship:

For help, specific advice, or maybe simply to have a chat.




Remotecoders is a spin-off of Powercoders, a coding academy and IT job integration program built in Switzerland.


Powercoders has successfully placed hundreds of immigrants with European IT companies. But only the ones who made it to Europe in the first place. 

Remotecoders was created to migrate European IT job opportunities to the Middle East and North Africa instead of forcing people to migrate the other way around. 



Europe faces two major challenges - and they are two sides of the same coin. ​

Migration: Vulnerable people in the MENA region often don’t have access to the remote IT job market. Therefore many decide to migrate to Europe.  

Digitalization: The European IT industry is short on talent on every level. At the same time, COVID-19 has established remote work as the new default for many businesses.




Our solution is designed to offer companies vetted, highly specialized remote teams. Each team includes a senior leader and 2-3 vulnerable juniors.


Our process is as follows:

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"Pass it on:" A little help from you, living in Europe and working in IT, will go a long way with someone new to this world. 

The volunteer journey is designed to be a smooth and simple process designed to optimally match coaches with fitting vulnerable participants.




We are determined to provide the best support to our participants.


You play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Here are the success factors:

  • Set up goals together with the company and the intern at the very beginning.

  • Meet regularly with the intern and discuss the challenges and propose solutions.

  • Meet every month with the company and the intern to evaluate the progress.