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We empower vulnerable talent in Egypt by recruiting, training, and employing them. Our industry partners receive specialized teams of three, consisting of a senior team lead and two vulnerable interns. Partnering with us means accessing exceptional talent while changing lives and empowering them to create a brighter future.

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Our solution is designed to offer companies vetted, highly specialized remote teams. Each team includes a senior leader and two vulnerable interns.


Our process is as follows:

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We're excited to launch our Remotecoders pilot program in Cairo, Egypt from March to August 2023, offering companies the opportunity to effortlessly onboard a highly motivated remote team and test drive our innovative solution for six months.

Following the successful pilot, we'll onboard 10-20 additional companies with the same exceptional service and transformative results. Thanks to generous support from the Swiss government and multiple foundations, the cost for a team of three full-time employees is only CHF 30'000, providing unbeatable value.


Don't miss out on the chance to join us after the pilot and expand your talent pool while streamlining your operations. Take the first step towards building a brighter, more agile, and competitive future for your organization requesting a meeting with us today. 

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To make "IT Nearshoring for Good" a success, strong IT partners like you play a crucial role. Here's what you can do to ensure a successful partnership:

  • Be organized and responsive as a remote customer

  • Provide adequate resources to foster a productive partnership

  • Schedule visits to the remote team to build trust

  • Foster open communication and feedback to drive improvement

  • Recognize and reward outstanding performance for keeping your team motivated

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