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​Remotecoders believes in promoting equal opportunities remotely for diverse talents in the MENA region.

We train talents of diverse backgrounds to fulfill their potential in a digital future and connect them with local and international IT companies and IT departments. 


  • You live in Egypt (We are currently only in Cairo)

  • You are facing barriers to entering the IT job market (and can’t access similar programs)

  • You are 20-35 years old

Our program is for candidates of diverse backgrounds who are facing barriers to entering the IT job market. 

We encourage women to apply for our program. The program is fully funded and free of charge for the selected talents.


  • Must be available for a full-time 6-month

  • Open and willing to seize opportunities outside their specialization to enter the IT job market.

  • You have started to learn coding/web development skills on your own (see resources below)

  • You understand, speak and write English well (minimum B1 level))

  • You are a fast learner

  • You are able to work well in a team

  • You are self-reflected and open-minded

  • You are ready to give 100%


It’s an advantage (but not required) if additionally:

  • You have work experience

  • You have solid IT skills in one field


Remotecoders Bootcamp is our full-time flagship program with supported job integration. It includes:

  • A 1-month intensive full-time programming course with EPFL Extention school

  • Following a 5 months internship with part-time specialization tracks (Web Design, Advanced JavaScript, Java, Testing, DevOps, etc.)

  • Weekly social & business skills curriculum during the bootcamp

  • Job coach accompanying you during your internship

  • Additional support for laptop, food and transportation where needed

  • A job as a junior developer if the internship is successful, otherwise, extend the internship or join a local company


The application will open later this year. Do you have any questions feel free to send us an email to:


Until June, we strongly encourage you to keep practicing your coding and language skills. We recommend the following (free) resources:

Learn digital skills


Learn Business and Soft skills

Learn English


Prepare your CV

As part of your application, we expect a well written and presentable CV. Here is an example: 

CV instructions & example (by University of St. Gallen)

Do you have any questions, feel free to send us an email to:

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