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Hire Teams that are highly specialized to the demands of our industry partners and consists of a senior team lead and two vulnerable juniors who successfully finished the EPFL extension school course.

Hire Team: Welcome

Are you an IT company or have an IT department?
Do you have remote teams? 
Are you looking for talents and want to make an impact at the same time? 

You have the opportunity to build up a small remote team in Cairo for 6 months and then decide if you want to expand it strategically or leave it as a pilot. The cost for a team of 3 - 4 FTE for 6 months is CHF 30'000. Everything else can be explained to you by our team.


  • 2022 Q3/Q4:

    • Partnershership initiation and signing LOI

    • Partners share seniors profiles they are looking for

  • 2022 Q4:

    • Remotecoders nominates three top candidates for each senior profile

    • Partners interview and decide on one or more seniors

  • 2023 Q1:

    • Seniors start working for partners in February/March

    • Every senior onboards a minimum of two vulnerable talents from Remotecoders pool as interns

  • 2023 Q3/Q4:

    • Partner decides if the interns become juniors

    • Interns who leave their remote internships will join a local Career Day and will be placed with local companies

Interested in hiring a team?

Get in contact and schedule a call with 

Hire Teams: Text

Here are the links to our slide deck and companies factsheet to share with your team.

Hire Team: HTML Embed
Hire Teams: HTML Embed
Hire Talents: Clients


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